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Hi there! What do you need to do?
I need to finish the report before 5 and talk to emma later tonight
Captured 2 tasks
Finish the report
1 hour
Talk to Emma
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Capture panel

Capture tasks from anywhere 10X faster

Capture tasks with our capture modal on your mac. We are just a keyboard shortcut away.

Smart Capture

Tell us what you need to do and we can take care of the rest.

Just type in natural language and we can figure out when you want to do it and how long it will take.

Plan & Snooze Tasks

Plan and snooze your tasks at the speed of thought

Easily plan a task for later or even snooze it for later.


Connect with tools you already use

Connect with tools you already use so you dont have to switch away from your current workflow.

Auto Tagging

Let Hyperaide automatically tag your tasks

Create tags and tell hyperaide what its about and watch Hyperaide do the rest.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Don't let your task manager slow you down

Speed around your task manager at light speed with keyboard shortcuts.

Hyperaide is a bootstrapped indie product built by @dqnamo.